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  • keyboard_arrow_rightWill my travel be paid for?
    Yes, we can reimburse you for your travel.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan you help with interview clothes?
    Yes. As and when you are ready to go to an interview we can help you look and feel work-ready.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow do I book appointments?
    You can book appointments with your Key Worker by contacting them by phone, email or face to face in our centres.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightI’m not great with technology, is there support provided?
    Yes, we will provide support and you can also join IT skills workshops. Our online services are also available face-to-face.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightWhat type of courses could I join?
    Courses to help enhance your personal, digital and employment skills include Interview Basics, Exercise and Wellbeing, Confidence Building, Back Care, Finance and Debt, Using the Internet, An Introduction to Self-Employment.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightHow often will I see my Key Worker?
    You will be offered an appointment with your Key Worker at least once per fortnight. You will have the option to see them more regularly if you would like to.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightIs there anything I need to bring to my first appointment?
    You should bring some form of ID such as a passport or identity card.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo I have to be on certain benefits?
  • keyboard_arrow_rightCan I still access the support even if I move into work?
    The programme is designed to support you whilst looking for and starting work, and your Key Worker will work with you to ensure you have the support you require to successfully stay in employment. You will also have access to online learning.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightI haven’t worked in a long time, can I join the programme?
    We understand that returning to work after a longer period can be daunting, our Key Workers are experienced in supporting participants just like you. If you feel ready, we are ready to support you.
  • keyboard_arrow_rightDo I still need to attend JCP if I am part of Working Well (Work and Health Programme)?
    Your JCP appointments are separate to your Working Well appointments therefore, you should continue to attend your JCP appointments.

You can join Working Well (Work and Health Programme) by applying online or by speaking to your JCP Work Coach at your next appointment.